Black and White


After their last release, Never Back Down immediately began working on their next project and this is the result of two years of hard work: Black and White. This album is about conquering the hardships in our lives, fighting the demons in ourselves and the inexpressibly feeling of not being good enough. It's an album for the family - for you.

Unknown Graves


Listen to the third single off of the album "Black and White" which again doesn't fail to show NBD's harder side. It's about the vicious cycle that is our every day life and that it's seemingly impossible for a lot of people to escape.

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This is NBD's most emotional song to date, as well as one that targets a very problematic topic: suicide. While mourning a loved ones decision to end their life, this song is also a far cry for anyone struggling that they're not alone.

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Black & White


Being the first single released off of their newest album, "Black & White" showed what their newest music would sound like: a fresh mix of heavy and melodic parts breaking the boundaries of various sub-genres from the Core-scene.

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With their second release "Creator" NBD have seemed to find their sound and began to show the world what their music is all about. Produced by Mega Blaster Recordings, this six song EP is full of variety and energy. No track sounds the same but they definitely sound like NBD.


Never Back Down - We Are The New Age - Cover 2014

We Are The New Age


Being their first release, "We Are The New Age" has set the sails for the band to roam the stages and show the crowd their definition of Hardcore. This is a ten track display of how it all started and what their first influences were. You can definitely tell in which direction this musical journey went and listen to some heavy parts in most of these songs.

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