The Band

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Daryl Mevißen


Full of power and incredibly impulsive, Daryl is the one leading the band in the front. His energy transfers to the crowd and makes every single one in it move. No one’s standing still when he’s shouting at incredible lows or screaming from the top of his lungs. Also, if you’re looking for jokes, he’s got them for you.

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Caner Tatli

Guitar & Vocals

Forming the contrast to Daryl’s impulsive energy, Caner is the one compassionately singing the emotional parts while in the next second already playing the more brutal riffs of a devastating breakdown. Being tremendously versatile he makes it look easy grooving to the songs on stage.

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Philipp Kuppinger


Seeing him offstage you would think that he’s more of a laidback dude but when the lights go out and the first tone comes out of his amp Philipp turns on beast mode. Easily plucking the strings and twirling his hair around, he’s the one giving you the deep notes – and he’s making sure you feel it.

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Tobias Hojka


Sitting in the very back of the stage but easily catching your eye it’s Tobi banging on the drums like they’re his worst enemies. He seems inconspicuous at first but you’ll quickly change your mind as he impressively murders the double bass. You have never seen somebody have so much fun banging the drums.

The Story

It all started back in 2014 when two young men with an excitement for heavy music founded a hardcore band. Daryl and Caner came together with a girl named Caro on the Bass and a boy named Tim on the second guitar to form what would become NEVER BACK DOWN, just playing around on old gear in an also old venue. Shortly after, Tobi would join the group and the five people started making music. Music with no clear lines and proper genre limits, but with one goal in mind: to kick ass.

From the beginning they wanted to write music that makes people at core shows move and soon had enough songs to produce their first full length album “We Are The New Age”. They started playing shows all around Germany to make as much people as possible remember the name NEVER BACK DOWN. Sadly Caro and Tim had to leave the band due to personal reasons but Philipp took over the Bass part.

Picture of NBD on stage at Madhouse Open Air 2018
Madhouse Open Air 2018 - Copyright Patrick Mischke Ramírez
Picture of NBD on stage at Madhouse Open Air 2018
Madhouse Open Air 2018 - Copyright Patrick Mischke Ramírez

In the last three years the band has played over 100 shows all around Europe where they’ve made a lot of new friends, met new fans and have shared their emotions through their music. They were also honored to share the stages with internationally notable bands from the scene such as Lionheart, Emmure, Thy Art is Murder, Novelists, Make Them Suffer, Rise of the Northstar and a lot more.

In that time the band has released their six-song EP “Creator” produced by Mega Blaster Recordings and since then they have tirelessly worked on new songs as well as keeping on playing club shows, fests and bigger festivals. To this day NBD has worked on their newest album “Black and White”, to which they have also released three music videos – for them it’s their biggest accomplishment. But there seems to be no ending to their story in sight.

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